Hard Landscaping includes landscape features such as walkways, outdoor seating areas and patios, which are constructed with materials such as timber , composite, wood, concrete and granite. We use a wide variety of these materials in the creation of numerous beautiful hardscape features. We guarantee quality construction through the aid of our skilled labors and qualified professionals.


Soft landscaping is the heart of every landscaping project. It is the use of vegetative material such as palms, trees, flowers and shrubs, to entrance and accentuate the beauty of the landscape. REDECK are experts in the selection, installation and maintenance of flowers and plants that are carried out by our qualified horticulture engineers. With the use of a diverse range of exquisite flowers and plants imported from around the world, REDECK is able to create and develop extraordinary landscapes.


Water is the vital element required for the sustenance of each element landscape. REDECK repre- sent considerable authority in design and installation of programmed irrigation system frame works that will guarantee the standard and precise procurement of water to your landscape. We are using the latest irrigation technology in our projects and commissioned by experts to help maintain your landscape as it is.


REDECK offers an extensive variety greenery enclosure furniture and accessories such as parasols, benches, lounges, planters and bollards from world renowned manufactures. Our garden furniture will complement the beauty of your landscape whilst permitting the individuals who appreciate nature to experience the outdoors with comfort and ease.


Timber structures serve to full functional requirements such as decking, shade and seating whilst furnishing your land scape with an aesthetic appeal. REDECK caters to the engineering design and construction of extensive variety of engineered timber structures including fences, utilized railings, decking, pergolas, arbors and climbing frames. All materials elevated quality and have been treated to ensure stability and durability. We guarantee our timber structures can be delighted in by all for many years to come



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