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We offer top notch construction and swimming pool services to meet all of your needs. Our experienced team of professionals works on both residential and commercial projects, and they are dedicated to giving you the best results possible. 

Design and Installation Services

Our swimming pool company offers design and installation services to make your backyard dreams a reality. 

Maintenance and Repair Services

Our swimming pool company offers comprehensive maintenance and repair services, ensuring that your pool is kept in pristine condition. 

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Water Bodies

Swimming Pool

In the Gulf climate one thing that will greatly enhance the enjoyment that you and your family derive from your property is to have your own swimming pool. We’ve been giving individual’s happiness more than five years. Whether it’s Jacuzzi, a small children’s play pool or something where you can shot at lap times, we can design it and make it beyond your expectation. We can offer you a colossal decision of shapes, finishes, surrounds and technical options. Possibly you need handy skimmer pool (the sort where the water level is beneath the edge) or perhaps you have yearning for the dreamy look of an overflow pool positioned to give that infinite view over your surroundings. Perhaps you need integral waterfall or fountain; or counter – current swim jets (to empower you to swim hard in a limited space); or rockwork to give that “mountain pool” feel. Whatever it is, we’ll help you run your creative ability to reality.

Fountains & Water Features

Water features have an amazing ability to transform an already amazing pool. They give your pool a focal point, create or enhance ambiance, and can be built to suit any style- tropical resort, romantic oasis, elegant escape, or family fun zone. Talk to your local builder about how water features fit into your dream pool plan. Together, you’ll work closely to design a water feature, or combination of features, that will take your pool theme to the next level

Jacuzzi & Spa


Hard Landscape

Hard Landscaping includes landscape features such as walkways, outdoor seating areas and patios, which are constructed with materials such as timber , composite, wood, concrete and granite. We use a wide variety of these materials in the creation of numerous beautiful hardscape features. We guarantee quality construction through the aid of our skilled labors and qualified professionals.

Soft Landscape

Soft landscaping is the heart of every landscaping project. It is the use of vegetative material such as palms, trees, flowers and shrubs, to entrance and accentuate the beauty of the landscape. REDECK are experts in the selection, installation and maintenance of flowers and plants that are carried out by our qualified horticulture engineers. With the use of a diverse range of exquisite flowers and plants imported from around the world, REDECK is able to create and develop extraordinary landscapes.

Automatic Irrigation System

Water is the vital element required for the sustenance of each element landscape. REDECK repre- sent considerable authority in design and installation of programmed irrigation system frame works that will guarantee the standard and precise procurement of water to your landscape. We are using the latest irrigation technology in our projects and commissioned by experts to help maintain your landscape as it is.

Outdoor Furniture

REDECK offers an extensive variety greenery enclosure furniture and accessories such as parasols, benches, lounges, planters and bollards from world renowned manufactures. Our garden furniture will complement the beauty of your landscape whilst permitting the individuals who appreciate nature to experience the outdoors with comfort and ease.

Engineered Timber Elements

Timber structures serve to full functional requirements such as decking, shade and seating whilst furnishing your land scape with an aesthetic appeal. REDECK caters to the engineering design and construction of extensive variety of engineered timber structures including fences, utilized railings, decking, pergolas, arbors and climbing frames. All materials elevated quality and have been treated to ensure stability and durability. We guarantee our timber structures can be delighted in by all for many years to come


Swimming Pool Maintenance

Once your project is built, you’re getting a change out of advantages of swimming or relaxing in your private pool or spa, you need to know that it’s going to stay in that same flawless working condition. We can furnish you with the right routine of cleaning and maintenance that fits your pool, using the same high quality materials and expertise that was used to fabricate it.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is the critical vocation of preserving the health, safety, cleanliness and magnificence of a landscape. Maintenance protocols may incorporate the pruning of plants, weed control, organization of composts and pesticides, and mowing of lawns. REDECK offers customized maintenance packages that are tailored to suit our client’s individual landscaping necessities.

Refurbishment Works

Many home owners want a ‘new look’ to their swimming pools or simply want to extend the life of their current pool.

Civil Refurbishment

Under this division, we do works like changing from skimmer type pool to overflow or infinity edge pools; re-waterproofing, re-tiling, and re-grouting; add on features like counter current jets, slides, laminar fountain jets, massage systems, removal & re-fixing of Paving tiles, interlock, pathway, deck area and so on.

MEP Works

Under this division, we do works like Pipe re-routing, replacement of new Pump room equipments, changing of pool & landscape lights to give new outlook as per client’s requirement, and so on

We are undertaking waterproofing works, pipe pressure tests for several commercial & residential pools that faced major leakage issues. There are several existing pools in the market that face leakage issues with reasons unknown to the client and even the company that constructed the pool.

Give us a call for refurbishment works – we give an extended life and new look to your existing water body and Landscape!

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