Water Bodies


Water Bodies


In the Gulf climate one thing that will greatly enhance the enjoyment that you and your family derive from your property is to have your own swimming pool. We’ve been giving individual’s happiness more than five years. Whether it’s Jacuzzi, a small children’s play pool or something where you can shot at lap times, we can design it and make it beyond your expectation. We can offer you a colossal decision of shapes, finishes, surrounds and technical options. Possibly you need handy skimmer pool (the sort where the water level is beneath the edge) or perhaps you have yearning for the dreamy look of an overflow pool positioned to give that infinite view over your surroundings. Perhaps you need integral waterfall or fountain; or counter – current swim jets (to empower you to swim hard in a limited space); or rockwork to give that “mountain pool” feel. Whatever it is, we’ll help you run your creative ability to reality.


Water features have an amazing ability to transform an already amazing pool. They give your pool a focal point, create or enhance ambiance, and can be built to suit any style- tropical resort, romantic oasis, elegant escape, or family fun zone. Talk to your local builder about how water features fit into your dream pool plan. Together, you’ll work closely to design a water feature, or combination of features, that will take your pool theme to the next level